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  • Senthil Chandrasegaran

    Senthil Chandrasegaran

    Tenure-Track assistant professor at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering atTU Delft, the Netherlands.

  • Danilo Gasques

    Danilo Gasques

    Ph.D. Candidate @ UC San Diego. Doing HCI research on Augmented Reality.

  • Yushan Pan

    Yushan Pan

    I am a researcher and also a coder. Oh, do not surprise, I work as an ethnographer too. w:

  • Steve Haroz

    Steve Haroz

    Data Visualization, Perception, and Attention Researcher

  • 임제인 Jane Im

    임제인 Jane Im

    I’m a PhD student at the University of Michigan School of Information and CSE. I study and build social computing systems. :)

  • Lewis Chuang

    Lewis Chuang

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